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Lynn J. Searles

Lynn J. Searles

(Fairport, New York: 13th September 1914 - 24th December 1972)

Changed his first name to Lin in late 1950s. Learned magic in 1929. Pro writer of Western novels. Semi-pro magician. Invented the Stung card effect by 1931, Aces Up in 1950, Cannibal Cards in late 1950s, and Auto Break. Scriptwriter in early 1960s for Mark Wilson's "Magic Land of AllaKazam" TV series. Killed during holdup of his magic shop in Pasadena.

Wrote The Card Expert (1938, 48pp; repr 1962, 54pp), Lucky Aces (1950, 12pp), The Ultimate Aces (1958), and Slow Motion Poker Deals (1959, 8pp). Tricks in Jinx, Ibidem, and Pallbearers.

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Lynn J. Searles
Aces Up by Lynn J. Searles

An exceptionally clever version of the 4-Ace Trick - no trick aces - use a borrowed deck.

In effect the 4 aces are dealt singly on to the table, face down. Twelve indifferent cards are then shown and dealt on to them, making four packets, one of which is chosen by a spectator. No force of any kind, believe it or not, he takes any of the four packets. The remaining three are turned over to show all indifferent cards. The four Aces are in the packet chosen. It's the most convincing of all Four Ace Tricks, and we know it will fool the best of card men. A couple of easy-to-do moves and the special...

★★★★ $4
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Lynn J. Searles
The Card Expert by Lynn J. Searles
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One The Psychology Of The Card Expert
  • Chapter Two Basic Sleights
    • The Lace-Through False Shuffle
    • The False Cut
    • The Compound False Cut
    • The Simple False Cut
    • The Second Deal
    • The Bottom Deal
  • Chapter Three Miscellaneous Sleights And Moves
    • Back Palming A Complete Deck
    • The Riffle Cut
    • The One-Hand Shuffle
    • The Weave-In Shuffle
    • The Multiple Lift
  • Chapter Four Tricks And Deceptions
    • A Subtle Card Location
    • Ace Control
    • Jacks And Aces
    • Second Deal Four Aces (No. 1)
    • Second Deal Four Aces (No. 2)
    • A Renovated Trick
    • A Renovated Trick (A Variation)
    • Another Card...
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Lynn J. Searles
Lucky Aces by Lynn J. Searles

Original Aces material, including the Fair Deal Aces, a new approach with no fake cards, Paging the Aces (the moves of which magicians won't follow), Four by Twelve Aces, a card trick in the Vernon tradition. This ebook is for card men who enjoy clever technical sleight of hand.

1st edition 1950, 2nd edition 1974, 12 pages; digital edition 2012, 12 pages.

★★★ $5.95
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)