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M: a Mixture of Magic and Mentalism
by Gerard Zitta

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M: a Mixture of Magic and Mentalism by Gerard Zitta

All the effects will look improvised from the audience point of view, but they need a one-time preparation, and all are easy, except for the three last ones that will need more practice and some rehearsal.

ATM wallet: You will do this one every single time you have to pay something. You need an item every magician has got already in their drawer.

X=H3-E2: Rapidly force one object among a higher number of objects. (twice as fast as "PATEO", and easier to perform.)

Phone hypnosis: Block a borrowed phone (harmless), with the power of your mind. Easy.

Bright as a feather: Use a feather as a divining rod (for instance).

Playboy: A quick trick with a lighter.

Sim(h)ilarity: An hilarious idea for making matching or spelling tricks not boring.

Sure coin: Materialize any coin freely chosen among all the current coin currencies available in your country.

Any pad: A switching method (which I believe is new), with an examinable spiral notebook. It can be used, for instance, for a serial number divination on a banknote (or else, as long as the use of a notebook to write on a page is justified).

Materialization: Materialize a coin freely selected among three invisible coins.

1st edition 2015, 52 pages.
word count: 8368 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text