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Magic for Ministers
by Ted Voorhees


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Magic for Ministers by Ted Voorhees

Magical Tricks Prepared for Teaching and Preaching Use

From the introduction:

The increasing problem of the church of today is to interest the young people in practical Christian service. The gospel message is as potent and powerful as ever, but the difficulty is to get young people to listen to it and to find preachers who can speak the language of the young people of today and make their message sufficiently attractive to challenge their attention.

Modern pedagogy is finding that object lessons are most efficient in teaching the young mind. We remember and understand so much more that we see than that we hear. When we analyze the human mind, we discover that it is attracted more readily by something that is mysterious. So, when we can combine an object that can be seen which has about it something of mystery, and at the same time the gospel message, we have the very climax of challenging power for the young mind of today.

Mr. Voorhees deserves the sincere thanks and appreciation of all fathers and mothers as well as all ministers for the development of these marvellously interesting Gospel Mystery Sermons. I consider him the very best of all the men using magical objects today, and most heartily commend him as a special worker among the children and young people, and I most heartily commend this book to all who are anxious to see the young people drawn into active Christian service.

Homer Rodeheaver

1st edition 1930, 79 pages; PDF 51 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introductory Letter
  2. A Letter
  3. CHAPTER I: Object Lesson Preaching
  4. CHAPTER II: Magic in Object Work
  5. CHAPTER III: Presentation of Magic Object Lessons
  6. CHAPTER IV: Truth, Faith and Love - Illustrated by Grandma's Necklace
  7. CHAPTER V: How God Knows - Illustrated by Numbers on Arm
  8. CHAPTER VI: How Sin Comes in - Illustrated by the Smoke Trick
  9. CHAPTER VII: Daniel in the Lion's Den - Illustrated by the Match in the Handkerchief
  10. CHAPTER VIII: Casting Out Fear - Illustrated by Chinese Ring From the String
  11. CHAPTER IX: Sunshine After Rain - Illustrated by Handkerchief from the Flame
  12. CHAPTER X: Breaking Satan's Hold - Illustrated by Ropes About the Neck
  13. CHAPTER XI: Good or Bad - Illustrated by the "Quick or Dead" Trick
  14. CHAPTER XII: How Habits Come - Illustrated by the Phantom Ring
  15. CHAPTER XIII: Jesus and Satan - Illustrated by Wine and Water Trick
  16. CHAPTER XIV: Being Useful - Illustrated by Milk From Water
  17. CHAPTER XV: What Our Thoughts Can Do - Illustrated by the Chemical Flag
  18. CHAPTER XVI: God's Test - Illustrated by the Spinning Egg
  19. CHAPTER XVII: The Hebrew Children and the Fiery Furnace - Illustrated by the Envelope and the Ribbon
  20. CHAPTER XVIII: Deceit - Illustrated by the Cut Banana
  21. CHAPTER XIX: Looking Backward and Forward
  22. CHAPTER XX: The Loaves and the Fishes - Illustrated by the Multiplying Coin Plate
  23. CHAPTER XXI: What God Can Do With a Life - Illustrated by the Carpet of Bagdad
  24. CHAPTER XXII: Obedience - Illustrated by Obedient Block or Ball
  25. CHAPTER XXIII: Paul in Prison - Illustrated by Chinese Wrist Shackles
  26. CHAPTER XXIV: The Undependable Man - Illustrated by the Demon or Rattle Bars
  27. CHAPTER XXV: Sin Is a Robber - Illustrated With the Bottomless Glass
  28. CHAPTER XXVI: Selfishness - Illustrated With the Ching Ling Foo Water Can
  29. CHAPTER XXVII: Carelessness - Illustrated with the Universal Vanisher
  30. CHAPTER XXVIII: Love - Illustrated with the Afghan Bands
  31. CHAPTER XXIX: Faithfulness - Illustrated by the Floating Wand
  32. CHAPTER XXX: Sources of Material
  33. CHAPTER XXXI: Putting Your Knowledge to Work
  34. Suggestions For Magical Material

word count: 16301 which is equivalent to 65 standard pages of text