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Magic For the Millions
by unknown

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Magic For the Millions by unknown

How to do magic easily and quickly, including illusions, stage magic, parlor magic, sleight-of-hand, and party stunts.

From the Foreword:

The Author of Magic For the Millions is a retired magician of many years experience as a professional showman, entertainer, writer, compiler and creator of humor. He lets us peek into the mysteries of magic; he regales us with a lot of new party stunts; he tells us what to do to amuse guests at the dinner table.

  • Sawing a Pretty Girl in Halves
  • The Famous Mail Bag Escape
  • Escape from a Paper Sack
  • Madam Spoof, Mind Reader
  • The Wonderful Box Escape
  • The Seven Card Trick
  • The Production of a Live Rabbit
  • Astounding Mind Reading Act
  • The Sword-Proof Girl
  • The Baffling Cloth Bag Escape
  • The Restored Ribbon Trick
  • Stopping the Pulse
  • The Color-Changing Balloon
  • The Great Tag Trick
  • The Mystery of Names
  • The Mystic Jam Jar
  • The Clock Trick
  • The Barrel Escape
  • The Spirit Seance
  • The Great Mind Reading Trick
  • The Spirit Drink
  • The Sensational Boiler Escape
  • A Silent "Stop" Trick
  • The Seven and Eight Card Trick
  • A Good Coin Trick
  • The Magic Candy
  • The Impossible Possibility
  • A Feat of Strength
  • The Mystifying Salt and Pepper Trick
  • The Mystic Whistle
  • The Disappearing Bran
  • The Vanishing Handkerchief
  • The Traveling Rubber Balls
  • The Straw and String Trick
  • Water Mystery
  • The Paper Kettle
  • What Number Do You Prefer?
  • The Egg of Columbus
  • Wine and Water Trick
  • The Rainbow Water Trick
  • Ghosts in the Dark
  • The Smoke Trick
  • The President's Name
  • What to Do at House Parties?
    • The Man Who Walks Backward
    • How to Start the Party
    • The Book Review
    • The Magic Match Box
    • The Animated Rug
    • The Big Blowout
    • The Tie Thai Binds
    • The Funny Funnel
    • The Pillow Derby
    • The Endless Thread
    • Starting a Friendly Argument
    • The Comical Cookie Race
    • Locating the Dipper
    • Matrimonial Marksmanship
    • Feeding the Monkeys
    • Can You Do It?
    • The Confetti Contest
    • Blindfolded Greeting
    • A Startling Surprise
    • The Button Up Race
    • The Magic Wind
    • A Curious Cut
    • Country Telephone
    • Painless Palmistry
    • Bean the Bubble
    • The Delicatessen Dash
    • The Battle of Beans
    • Three Ring Circus
    • Business Is Picking Up (1)
    • Glued to the Spot (2)
    • Going Up (3)
    • The Female Samson (4)
    • The Perplexing Pull (5)
    • The Hand on the Head (6)
    • The Mysterious Lift (7)
    • The Chair Lift (8)
    • Stunts for the Table
    • The Phoney Napkin
    • The Cookie Plate
    • The Prisoner
    • The Conjurers Cup
    • Telling Fortunes by the Napkins

PDF 63 pages
word count: 21719 which is equivalent to 86 standard pages of text