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Magic in the Morris Manor
by E. W. Bud Morris & Sam Dalal


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Magic in the Morris Manor by E. W. Bud Morris & Sam Dalal
  • What happened to that pretty girl in Boggart's Inn?
  • Why is a novel discovery of a forced card the ultimate in magical entertainment?
  • Who was responsible for the bad vibes emanating from that little box?
  • When can an ordinary spectator predict the past, present and future?
  • How does the confidential message always get to the correct secret agent?
  • Where does Kung-Fu; King of Karate, go after his mission is accomplished?
For the answer to these and other diverse dilemmas, buy this ebook.

1st edition 1974, 128 pages; 1st digital edition 2013, 109 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Some Thoughts
  3. The Other Half
  4. Editor's Introduction
  5. Confidential Agent
  6. Bugged
  7. The Gift Of Prophecy
  8. More Holes Than Billy McComb's ...???
  9. Knight Card Stab
  10. Intoxicated
  11. "Psi Key Cubic"
  12. "A Fan-Cy Card Trick"
  13. The "S. D." Lighted Bulbs From Mouth
  14. "Not Everybody's Bag"
  15. Hypno Telekinesis Ball
  16. "Printer's Vision"
  17. Appearing Radio
  18. An X-Ellent Prediction
  19. Kung-Fu
  20. The Lie Detector
  21. "Kiss Of Death"
  22. Good And Bad Vibes
  23. Mirror Of The Mind
  24. With Love From The Mrs.
  25. Close-Up Worker's Carpet
  26. The Rapping Hand
  27. Psychic Challenge
  28. The Keys To Boggart's Inn
  29. Golf Balls Deluxe???
  30. Add A Card Trick To Your Act
  31. The Ultimate Trick

word count: 37543 which is equivalent to 150 standard pages of text