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Date: 08/17/2019

Magic Knowledge Base - Help

Anybody who subscribes to our magic newsletter and has a customer account has access to our Magic Knowledge Base, a full text search engine indexing thousands of magic books, magazines and other items. If you are trying to locate an elusive description of an effect or move, if you are researching magic's history, or if you want to check out an ebook before purchasing, the Magic Knowledge Base will come in handy. It offers features we have not seen in other search engines. Read on.

You access the Magic Knowledge Base via your Digital Shelf. Simply login to your account and proceed to the Digital Shelf. You will find the Magic Knowledge Base search input on the right hand side (see screenshot below).

Magic Knowledge Base Figure 1

Type a keyword or phrase (put it in quotation marks if you are looking for that exact phrase), a magician's name, an effect name or move, whatever you like. Then press the red search button. You will then be presented with a list of search results as shown below.

Magic Knowledge Base Figure 2

You will receive some statistical information on how many pages and in how many ebooks a match was found. By default the search results are ordered by relevancy. You see the cover of the ebook, the title, the page number, a snippet of the text where a match was registered, and a piece of the page as image also exactly where the match was found. The fact that we show a piece of the page as image exactly where the search phrase was found is something we have not seen any other search engine do - certainly not any free one. Seeing a piece of the page as image gives you a lot of information in what context the keyword was found. Is it an advertisement, a news item or an effect description? The context can be picked up much quicker looking at the image.

If you purchased this particular ebook earlier from the title will be in blue and you have full text access to it by either clicking on the title or the page number. This will bring you to our online ebook viewer from where you can page through the entire ebook, print, etc. If you have not purchased this ebook, the title will be in orange and you will see a buy link as in the image below.

Magic Knowledge Base Figure 3

Clicking the buy button will display the ebook description in our online catalog from where you can add it to your shopping cart or wish list. On the right side of each item you see a relevancy number indicating how relevant the page is according to the search engine. Don't read too much into these numbers. Higher means more relevant, but there is no hard upper limit and the absolute value of the number very much depends on the search phrase. You can also see that your search keywords are highlighted in red in the returned text snipped (not in the image).

Even though you might not have full page access to each ebook listed this full text search engine will be very helpful for your research and purchase decisions. If you find that a lot of your questions are answered in a particular ebook then buy it and from then on you will have full page access to it. This way you can slowly - piece by piece - build up your digital research library. You have search access to all and full content access to those you bought.

On the right hand side you are presented with three options to modify the search. You can start a completely new search by clicking on the 'New Search' arrow. You can change the sorting of the search results from 'by Relevancy' to 'by Ebooks and Pages'. By ebooks and pages groups all pages belonging to one ebook together. And the last extremely useful modification is the 'Limit To' feature. On the right side you see a list of all ebooks where matches were found. You can check any subset of this list and then click 'Limit To'. This will run the same search but now limited to the ebooks you selected.

Magic Knowledge Base Figure 2b

On the very bottom you can access search results which did not fit on the first page. Each additional page is a button that you can click.

Magic Knowledge Base Figure 4


We only show image snippets for the first 10 search results. However, by limiting your search to certain ebooks and thus making your search narrowly focused you can see images of pretty much every search result you choose.

Although we have already hundreds of thousands of pages indexed, not all our magic ebooks are in the knowledge base. We are adding literally every day new pages to our index. Expect the magic knowledge base to grow over time capturing a majority of published magic literature.

This search engine is under active development. We are trying constantly to improve it and make it more useful to you. If you have any suggestions on how we can do that, please let us know.


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