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Magic Up To Date
by William Henry James Shaw


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Magic Up To Date by William Henry James Shaw

W. H. J. Shaw was a magic dealer and apparatus manufacturer in Chicago. Like his magic dealer competitor August Roterberg he decided to write a magic book almost at the same time.

  • Preface
  • The Mystic Percolator
  • Water Into Ice
  • The National Ball Transformation
  • New Spirit Ghost Seance
  • Spirit Bell On Glass Top Table
  • The Spiritual Ring Test
  • The Extinguished Cigar
  • The Charmed Organ Pipes
  • D’Alvini’s Album Trick
  • Lightning, Slate And Blackboard Test
  • The Egyptian Cremation
  • New Hat Fake
  • The Diamond Mystery
  • The Spirit Scribe
  • A Live Hat
  • Changing Decapitation
  • The Wonderful Lager-Beer Glass And Paper Cones
  • The Dice House
  • The Devil’s Rod Or Stick Of Enchantment
  • Improved Torn Card Trick
  • New Tape Trick
  • Newest Wine And Water Trick
  • Colored Sands Of Enchantment
  • New Sensational Card Trick
  • Eclipse Coin, Card, And Candle Trick
  • New Programme, Ring, And Envelopes Trick
  • New Method Of Getting Flowers Into Cone
  • The Ornithological Labyrinth
  • The Flight Through Crystals
  • Mephisto’s Glass Cylinders
  • New Spirit Pictures
  • Kellar’s New Karmos
  • The Chameleon Handkerchiefs
  • The Mystery Of L’hasa
  • Shrine Of Koomra Sami
  • The Glass Bowl And Golden Stand
  • The Crystal Chest Of The Geni
  • New Umbrella And Handkerchiefs Trick
  • Mysterious Transmission Of Thought
  • The Casket Cremation
  • Water On The Brain
  • Excelsior Second Sight
  • Airy Voyage Of Performer From A Chair
  • The Queen Of Knives
  • The Magic Decanter
  • India’s Wand Of Wonders
  • Magnetic Second Sight
  • The Traveling Flame
  • The Mysterious Hat And Balls
  • New Coffee, Sugar And Milk Trick
  • Edgar Poe’s Raven In The Garland Of Thebes
  • Our Spelling Bee
  • Wonder Kraut
  • The Vanishing Bride
  • Cartomanic Floral Charm
  • The Marvelous Writing Hand
  • The Mystic Sour Drops
  • The Magic Wine Tassels
  • The Floral Globe Or Total Eclipse
  • New Glass Card Frame
  • The Bloodstone Wonder
  • The Magic Squeezers
  • The Creation, Or Earth, Air, Fire And Water
  • The Mystic Peaches
  • Omega
  • Tussah
  • The Golden Flash Of Light
  • The Ne Plus Ultra Coin Trick
  • The Dissolving Half Dollar
  • The Wonderful Turnover With Coins
  • Electrical Coin Transportation
  • Disappearing Stack Of Coins
  • The Baldwin Act
  • The Annie Eva Fay Cotton Bandage Test
  • The Mysterious Coin
  • Extraordinary Flight Of Coins
  • Marvelous Vanishing And Re-Appearing Coin
  • The Very Latest Aerial Treasury
  • Cagliostro’s Spirit Slate
  • After The Ball
  • The Mystic Card
  • Photographie Mysterieuse
  • La Cremation
  • The Crystal Coffin
  • The Iron Cage Test
  • New Dancing Cards
  • Clairvoyant Card Trick
  • The Oriental Barrel Mystery
  • Spirit Slate Mystery
  • Spirit Pull Test
  • The Mahatma Miracles
  • The Phantom Knots
  • Spirit Circle, Under Test Conditions
  • Electrical Coin Shuffle
  • The Balancing Coins, Hat & Wand
  • Clairvoyant Figure Reading
  • Multiplying And Disappearing Coins
  • "Oh," Or The Daughter Of The Caliph Of Bagdad
  • The Disappearing Handkerchief
  • The Bungalow Illusion
  • The Spirit Answer

1st edition 1896, 104 pages; PDF 87 pages.
word count: 36822 which is equivalent to 147 standard pages of text

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Magic & Conjuring / Published 1800-1899