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Magical Revelations
by John Albert Briggs

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Magical Revelations by John Albert Briggs

Excerpt from the introduction by Herbert Holmes:

When I read the MSS. of this volume I did not imagine there could be so many good things left to divulge, and I am sure readers will agree with me that the title of the book is well chosen.

I have personally seen Merbak perform many of the tricks described in this book, and so completely mystifying were they, that the simple explanations are indeed a revelation. In commending the volume to the magical fraternity, I do so in the hope that it will be the forerunner of many others from his pen. For, Merbak's knowledge of Magic is so extensive, that it is like a well that never runs dry.

    • The Annihilated Glass
    • The Best Torn And Restored Newspaper
    • The Floating And Vanishing Glass
    • The Needle Through The Thumb
    • The Card And The Crystal
    • Marvellous Divination
    • The Card And Ribbon
    • Swallowing Razor Blades
    • The Pierced Cigarette
    • Cutting A Capstan In Two
    • The Jewel
    • Blowing Silks Through The Dye Tube
    • "Cherchez La Femme."
    • The "Master" Four Ace Trick
    • A Chop Suey Nightmare
    • Babes In The Wood
    • The Bathing Belle
    • The Alarming Case
    • The Dante Rope Trick
    • The Watch Du Diable
    • The Production Of A Large Clock On Tray
    • Where Did That One Go?
    • A Comedy With The Egg Bag
    • Merbak's Trays And Silks
    • Dante's Uncanny Knots
    • The Japanese Mask
    • A New Flower Growth
    • Resurrection
    • Sympathetic Silks
    • The Five Of Diamonds
    • "Mirax," The Miracle Picture
    • The Floating Ball
    • The Million Dollar Mystery
    • The Girl And The Ladder
    • Cheating The Hangman
    • Secrets Of The Great Rifle Act
    • Walking From A Shadow
    • The "Merry Widow" Illusion
    • The Show Of Hands

1st edition 1941, 71 pages; PDF 49 pages.
word count: 18706 which is equivalent to 74 standard pages of text