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Making Tactile Readers Using Boss Work
by T. Hayes

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Making Tactile Readers Using Boss Work by T. Hayes

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A new permanent tactile marking method, which is easier to feel and less visually noticeable compared to a punch.

Boss work is a marking system that you read by touch, and is designed primarily for use with the punch deal. It is easy to put in and the items required are not too expensive. When compared to the punch, boss work is much easier to feel and more durable. The markings are almost impossible to see on the backs of the cards, and there is nothing to see on the fronts. This video will take you through putting in the work, teaching you the best way to mark the cards, and also showing some examples of what not to do. This first part of the video lasts approximately 7 minutes, which should give you some idea of how quickly and easily the work can be put in.

The second part of the video contains a detailed introduction to the punch deal, which includes tips and drills to help you get started. The drills start simple but gradually add in the various elements of the punch deal. They are also designed to make it easy to spot mistakes, so you can run the drill and then determine your level of success. This part of the video lasts approximately 15 minutes, with full uncut demonstrations of each of the drills.

It should be noted that boss work is not intended to be used for gambling, and the video does not include any instruction of the second deal.

1st edition 2020, length 25 min.

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