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Matthew Darwin

Matthew Darwin

Matthew Darwin’s interest in magic was first sparked at the age of 12. For the first few months, his interest was occupied by coin magic but has since developed a greater fascination with mentalism, especially with cards. If asked, Matt would say that the magicians that most inspired him are Tommy Wonder, Harry Blackstone Jr., and Jay Sankey.

Matthew would like to thank Mr. Mike Reed for inspiring his first interest in magic.

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Matthew Darwin
Mind Fuse by Matthew Darwin

The performer places a blue deck and a red deck on the table. The blue deck is given to the spectator to hold for the entire performance. The assisstant is invited to select any card from the red deck (without looking at it). Next, the playing card is inserted face-down in the face-up deck. Neither the performer nor the spectator knows the identity of the card.

The magician then invites the spectator to open the blue deck which was given to him at the beginning of the effect and instructs him to spread the cards face-up on the table. When the cards are spread face-up, it is seen that there...

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