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Mental Lockdown
by Unknown Mentalist

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Mental Lockdown by Unknown Mentalist

This is a quick mental effect that starts with a bit of fun and ends with a stun. All you need to perform this routine is a double blank business card and a one-time preparation on it which will last you many performances and then if needed you can prepare one more double blank business card.

This is totally self-working and easy to learn. And you can start performing this almost as soon as you have read this manuscript. This is ideal for close-up and parlor situations and also can be performed in a virtual show with a slightly bigger double blank card.

Effect: The participant reads a small paragraph that you have written or printed on a double blank business card. The paragraph is related to the lockdowns across the world and mentions several cities and countries around the world. Reading this will bring a laugh to the participant. Using an unknown and unmentioned personal detail and secretly combining it with any place mentioned in the paragraph, she merely thinks of any country in the world. The participant is able to divine this country name accurately. Nothing is spoken and nothing is written down by the participant and everything happens in the participant's mind. And yet under these impossible conditions, you are able to mind read the country she has in mind.

Features: There are no sleights, no pre-show (except the one-time preparation of the single card), no stooges, no peeks, no secret writing, no anagrams, no memorization, no one ahead. This appears almost propless from the participant's perspective.

1st edition 2022, PDF 10 pages.
word count: 2415 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text