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Michael J. Fraughton

Michael J. Fraughton

Michael is not an ordinary performer; he lives his magic. He explores the mysteries behind the every day mask of the world. He proposes that reality as we know it is a facade that conceals a universe of subtle dynamics with both frightening and sublime possibilities. His material certainly moves beyond mere physical gimmicks.

He has formally studied more than performance magic. He has obtained a working knowledge of literature, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, art, physics as related to cosmology and many other fields. He has earned an Advanced Diploma in historical studies from Oxford University. He has performed for Audiences ranging from the listeners of the nationally syndicated Ground Zero Radio Show (Hosted by Clyde Lewis) to Stephen Hawking. Michael has performed throughout the United States and Europe.

Regardless of this demand for his performances, he has maintained a fairly reclusive position in the magic world. He has been one of the favorites of the magic underground.

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Michael J. Fraughton
The Dark Waltz by Michael J. Fraughton

Michael J. Fraughton's material has been difficult to find—until now. For many years The Dark Waltz, a text on the fine art of Bizarre Magic, has rested within the ownership of L&L Publishing. Now, it is available at last. Within its pages you will find many of Michael’s signature routines like 'The Dorian Hand of Glory' and 'The Phantom Violinist'.

It has taken time, but at last Michael has opened his world to you. Welcome to the dark side of illusion.

Michael J. Fraughton is being recognized as one of the foremost up and coming Bizarre magicians. This is his full show, along with...

★★★★ $50
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