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Mike Powers

Mike Powers

Mike Powers is an award-winning magician who has over 30 years of experience performing in both close-up and stage environments. He performs, lectures and writes, for example the monthly column "The Card Corner" in The Linking Ring. He was formerly a Professor of Physics at Holy Cross College in South Bend Indiana.

(The photo is copyright Robin W. Dawes, and is used with permission.)

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Mike Powers
Power Plays by Mike Powers

This ebook contains a large collection of visual magic including 20 impromptu card mysteries, 12 mathematical mysteries, 10 prepared card mysteries, 11 coin mysteries, and 6 miscellaneous mysteries. The focus is on card magic but you will also find mentalism, coins, rubber bands, drinking straws, paper money and other types of magic. Illustrated by Tony Dunn with a foreword by Allan Ackerman.

A couple of highlights are:

ITH Triumph: An in the hands triumph effect with three distinct phases.

Impromptu Terror: An impromptu moving hole effect with a card signed by the spectator on both sides. A hole...

★★★★ $19.95
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