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Mind Realities 1
by Ulrich von Etzenbach

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Mind Realities 1 by Ulrich von Etzenbach

Ulrich Von Etzenbach's Mind Realities Vol 1 will give you new routines, ideas, techniques and a interesting point of view for your own development as performer.

Classic plots in mentalism, structure and new options with simple methods and engaging performances. Learn how to make people fall with your influence (great finesses added), read minds without worries, impromptu and no gimmicks Bank Night and much more!


  1. Card Miracle - A four-phase miracle with a deck of cards. Perfect closer, very strong piece of card mentalism
  2. Kiss From a Rose - Take your spectator on a journey through their first real kiss with an unbelievable ending
  3. Bank Right - Ever wanted to perform Bank Night completely surrounded? Here is your chance, no gimmicks, no markings, and pure mentalism.
  4. Theodore's Revelation - Reveal secrets in a quick and effective way. Just like Theodore did it!
  5. Make a Wish - Help your spectators to fulfill their wishes with an empathetic and happy effect with Tarot cards.
  6. Trust You - Cause spectator to fall in their friend's armful. Prove your psychic energetic influences making people falling over!

This is a great collection of simple, clean and direct mentalism that really packs a punch!" - Marc Paul

"Ulrich has hit on some great thinking here, the rose effect for me was a stand out effect.... Great stuff well done." - Rus Andrews

"Great approach to the "Trust You" (Push)" - Anthony Jacquin

"Just finished reading Mind Realities and I love it! Simple, practical and very effective routines, 'Kiss From a Rose' is my favourite, also 'Make a Wish" is great! Very good job my friend!" - Luca Volpe

1st edition 2015, 29 pages.
word count: 8387 which is equivalent to 33 standard pages of text