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Mirror Cards
by Wolfgang Riebe

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Mirror Cards by Wolfgang Riebe

3 cards are shown and a joker is openly placed in various places amongst the cards, for example on top, in the middle, and at the bottom. Magically the joker always returns to its original position. The audience soon suspects that 3 identical cards are being used, and at one point even see 3 jokers. Eventually the magician admits that he has 3 identical cards and suddenly all 3 cards change to mirrors. 3 identical mirrors and no jokers anywhere! Isn't that how most tricks work? With mirrors?

This is a snappy, fun, and magical routine with a tremendous unexpected, surprise ending. You learn two different routines. One with 3 cards and another with 4 cards. Ideal for table-hopping as the trick can be repeated immediately. Everyone thinks magicians use mirrors to do their tricks - here's the proof.

The video instructions include:

  • Maximum entertainment
  • Full performance of the entire routine
  • Two different versions of the trick
  • Full and clear explanation on how to construct and perform the trick
  • Use old cards and the cost of mirror adhesive is around $6/€6
  • card sleight difficulty - medium 5 / 10
  • 30 years of refinement explained
  • Logical easy to follow the routine
  • Every move is finely tuned
  • Immediate reset
  • Create a reputation builder
  • Great sucker finish
  • Perform this routine anywhere
  • A small card trick with massive impact
  • Global appeal

1st edition 2021, video 18:52

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