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Modern Mentalism Notes
by Scott Xavier

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Modern Mentalism Notes by Scott Xavier

A modern look into some amazing concepts of mentalism. You'll find three effects designed and tested in multiple venues from the streets of New York to the stages of Exxon Mobil.

Order 66 - an in pocket prediction system. The performer writes down a three digit number. The person who accurately guesses this number stands. That same spectator selects a random drink, a random restaurant from a pack of dozens of business cards from around the globe, and then the audience creates a random phone number. The mentalist points to his phone that's been in plain sight the whole time. Then a video prediction on the phone predicts who will get the number, what they will be wearing, what they will look like, what their drink of choice will be, which restaurant they selected, and the random phone number just just created! This effect is the strongest piece of mentalism Scott Xavier has ever performed!

Fortuna - four spectators are asked to stand. These spectators all call out a random two digit number. Then the performer offer up an instant scratch off lottery ticket he purchased in Chicago. The card is scratched off and those four numbers are revealed to be the numbers PRINTED on that scratch ticket! A DIY miracle.

Glimpse - learn a blindfold routine that packs small but plays HUGE. Includes several miracles including a psychometric demonstration and a russian roulette miracle.

These notes are from Scott's newest lecture series about anywhere anytime mentalism miracles that pack small and play ginormous!

1st edition 2011; 19 pages.
word count: 3016 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text