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More Modern Card Tricks
by Will Goldston


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More Modern Card Tricks by Will Goldston

From the introduction:

If the vote of magicians and their men audiences could be taken there is no doubt that card tricks would come out on top as the most popular tricks in the world. Go where you will, you can be certain of finding a pack of cards, and with these in his hands a finished performer can entertain an audience for hours. Therefore, I am inclined to think that "More Modern Card Tricks" will have a warm welcome from my readers.

I have included a number of original tricks in this section and some which, although not entirely new, are not generally known. I would specially point out that the tricks which are the most difficult to perform are not necessarily those which will produce the best effect on an ordinary audience. It is the effect which matters - and nothing but the effect; the method by which the effect is produced is of no interest to the audience.

  • Introduction
  • Think!
  • A Good Force
  • A Force For One Card
  • To Vanish A Card
  • Quick Work!
  • Still Quicker!
  • Thought Reading
  • Spinning The Pack
  • From Cards To Flowers
  • In The Dark
  • A Useful Card
  • Stop!
  • A New Rainbow
  • The Reversed Cards
  • The Weight Of Thought
  • The Card Fountain
  • The Fan
  • The Lost Card
  • A Card Reading Box
  • A Funny Card
  • The Best Four Ace Trick
  • Reading The Cards
  • The Prophet
  • Cut The Cards
  • Think!
  • Your Own Choice
  • The Jumping Card
  • Where Will You Have It?
  • Flight!
  • The Thought Reader
  • The Devil's Thought
  • The Units
  • The Shower Of Cards
  • Marvel Card Location
  • Dr. Brochu's Card Location
  • The Perpetual Almanac

1st edition 1934, 62 pages; PDF 40 pages.
word count: 14072 which is equivalent to 56 standard pages of text