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More Tricks and Puzzles
by Will Goldston

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More Tricks and Puzzles by Will Goldston

From the introduction:

I will introduce this book by a little story told to me by a certain well-known conjurer. It concerns an experience of his while on tour in the north. By some mischance his luggage, including all the elaborate apparatus used by him in his tricks and illusions, went astray on the railway. He telegraphed for it up and down the line, but without result. For the time being it was hopelessly lost. What was to be done? The position was as awkward as it well could be. The bills announcing his performance had been out several days. Most of the reserved seats had already been sold; and the manager of the local Assembly Rooms was confident that there would be a big rush for the unreserved ones.

The hours went on until the one for opening the doors arrived. Was the performance to be abandoned? No! My friend rose to the occasion. For that one evening he dispensed with apparatus. With the aid of coins, handkerchiefs, watches, hats, cards, matches and other things of ordinary use he succeeded in entertaining his audience. Doubtless he was helped by his exceptional skill in humorous “patter.” But the fact remains that for an hour or two he kept hundreds of people interested in tricks and puzzles connected with familiar articles to be found everywhere.

It is with such tricks and puzzles that this book deals. The reader who masters its contents will not have to make elaborate preparations in order to amuse and mystify his friends. He will not want a platform, with shaded lights and a curtained background. There will be no tables and cabinets which he will have to guarantee to be even more harmless than they look. An assistant will not be standing at the side ready to rush forward at any emergency. No; the performer will simply use Mr. Brown’s watch, Mr. Jones’s handkerchief, and Mr. Robinson’s coins (provided of course that Mr. Robinson is of a sufficiently confiding nature).


  • Introduction

    Part I.-Tricks

  • A Coin Pulled Through The Centre Of A Borrowed Handkerchief
  • Handkerchief And Coin Trick
  • To Spin A Coin Between Two Pins
  • A Coin-On-The-Finger Balance
  • Watch The Coin
  • To Pass A Coin Through Your Sleeve
  • To Disappear A Coin By Means Of A Match-Box
  • To Balance A Coin On The Edge Of A Tumbler
  • The Walking Coin
  • To Disappear A Coin From A Borrowed Handkerchief
  • To Spin A Coin On The Bottom Of A Tumbler
  • To Spin A Coin Inside A Hat
  • The Disappearing Coin
  • The Disappearing Coin From Borrowed Handkerchief
  • Pulling A Tied Handkerchief Through The Leg
  • String And Handkerchief Mystery
  • To Knot A Handkerchief Single-Handed
  • A Watch Removed From A Handkerchief Which Is Fastened Securely By Means Of A Small Ring
  • Another Handkerchief Mystery
  • The Conjuror’s Watch Produced From A Borrowed Handkerchief
  • The Hypnotised Cards
  • Improved Method
  • The Reflection Of A Chosen Card Is Seen In The Case Of The Performer’s Watch
  • How To Locate A Selected Card
  • An Improved Method
  • A Card-Reading Feat
  • Card-Reading Extraordinary
  • To Lift A Number Of Matches And Case Without Hands
  • Novel Method Of Relighting A Vax Vesta
  • To Light A Match Twice
  • An Interesting Trick With Two Matches
  • The Cum-Bak Match Trick
  • The Hypnotic Match Box
  • The Hypnotic Match
  • The Handkerchief And Broken Match
  • The Matchless Match Trick
  • A Good Match Gag
  • The Vanishing Match
  • The Amateur Fireman
  • The Pencil, Loop And Buttonhole Trick
  • To Place A Ring On A Loop Of String Whilst On The Thumbs Of A Person
  • The String And Buttonhole Trick
  • The Enchanted String
  • The Enchanted Rubber Ring And String
  • The Bewitched Rule
  • The Rising And Falling Pencil
  • The Die With Moving Spots
  • To Drink A Glass Of Water Which Is Covered With Another Tumbler Without Touching Them With Your Hands
  • A Second-Sight Trick
  • The Hypnotised Tumbler
  • The Walking Hairpins
  • Novel Hat Balance
  • The Scissors And Thumb Trick
  • Aladdin’s Ring
  • Paper Tearing
  • Ship’s Wheel
  • The Twin Fir Tree
  • Torn Paper Restored
  • The Torn Cigarette Paper Trick
  • The Tissue Paper Mystery

    Part II.—Puzzles

  • The Burning Match Puzzle
  • A Pretty Match Puzzle
  • How Is It Done?
  • How Many More Matches Are Required?
  • Five Squares Made Into Four With The Same Number Of Matches
  • What Are Matches Made Of?
  • Half Of Twelve Makes Seven?
  • Two Tumblers And A Match
  • The Sixteen-Coin Puzzle
  • To Pass A Penny Through A Hole Half Its Size
  • A Scientific Coin Puzzle
  • The Nine-Dot Puzzle

1st edition 1915, 128 pages; PDF 74 pages.
word count: 19214 which is equivalent to 76 standard pages of text