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MPAC 2 by Unknown Mentalist

You can almost proplessly divine the exact date of birth of an utter stranger in under a minute. This routine works best in a one-on-one situation where the performer has met the participant for the very first time. And you can also, if you want, instantly repeat it for different people in the same group of audience. This impromptu routine is a lot of fun to do.

You do not need to have MPAC to learn and perform this one.

With this routine you prove to the participant that based on a few general characteristics related to her you are able to divine her exact birthday. This is the opposite of oracles like astrology or numerology where given the date of birth certain characteristics of a person are supposedly determined.

The questions you ask her are like "Are you right or left-handed?", "Are you the first, middle or last child of your mother?", "How many odd numbers are there in your year of birth?", "How many even numbers are there in your phone number?", "Are you more of an emotional person or a logical person?" etc etc. The participant will be utterly amazed with this unexpected revelation of her exact date of birth.

The same basic principle can be used to do a cool pin number divination which is also explained.

No pre-show, no stooges, can be performed in any language, very easy to do and can be performed within 10 minutes of reading the instructions. Of course, a couple of practice rounds will be helpful. Presentation theme, patter and script are included. Of course, you can also give it your own spin. But this is not for the merely curious or rank beginners.

With this routine you can turn an utter stranger into an instant fan.

1st edition 2023, PDF 13 pages.
word count: 3324 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text