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Musical Influences

by Nefesch
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Musical Influences by Nefesch

This ebook will teach you several mentalism effects, all of them related with music. Here is Nefesch in his own words:

Let me tell you a REAL story:

I received a call from a producer who asked me to meet him for an interview to discuss the chance of me being the OPENER for some MUSIC concert tours that would take place in Greece. So I went to the appointment he had several questions, he asked me to perform which I did, and he was truly impressed, after that he told me: "ok, I want you, but the last word on whether or not we will hire you is on the singers hands". So he gave me another appointment in which I will meet the singer (who is very famous here in Greece) in which I will have to perform, and convince her that I fit in her show. I decided to perform something related to music, and make the singer believe that I have skills that allow me to hypnotize people by using music, and skills that allow me to influence people by using music. The result: A FULL SUCCESS.

Since then I have developed several methods, routines, techniques and effects that fall into that category: using music to influence people to make the decisions I want them to take.

Another real story:

While discussing with the owner of a Bar if I could not perform there, he told me: "you know the only issue I see, is that in this bar we are always playing music, and in order for me to have you here I would have to stop the music, and people could complaint about it, they might think it is boring".

My answer:

"Oh, I think I didn't tell you this, but there is no reason to stop the music, you'll see I perform with music, I actually use the music in order to hypnotize people and place them into trance, I also use music to influence them and perform my acts, I am sure you have heard about "suggestive music" haven't you?"

The result: I was hired and performed in that bar without any inconvenience.

One final story (from many I have):

I go to an interview in a Bar, and I ask for the owner (who had asked me to met him there), when he sees me he says:

"I thought you were a mentalist"
"yes I am" I said
"Then, why are you carrying a guitar with you?"

I made immediately a demonstration of how I can influence people with music, he was so impressed, I was performing in his bar next Friday.

In my Musical Influences, I will show to you several ways of how to use music to create predictions, or to use it as a mind reading tool. What is important here is that this ebook will teach you how to make your audience truly believe that you are capable to use music to hypnotize people or to influence them.

How many of you play an instrument?

This is the ebook that will show you how to put that instrument into your performance.

I'll be honest with you, this is one of my biggest acts in my theater show, most of the time I use it as my big finale, and what I do is I take my guitar with me on stage, I play and sing a song, and I show the result of how by singing that song I influence the audience who listened to it...


NO NEED TO WORRY, I will also teach you how to perform Musical Influences without needing to learn anything about music, nor anything about any instrument.

This ebook will teach you from impromptu effects to stage effects with no big set up needed, from using your own guitar to perform huge miracles, or your drums, or any other instrument to using your CD player or IPAD to make people believe you really have musical abilities that all musicians would like to have to: INFLUENCE people.

In this ebook, I am teaching you some unique techniques, methods, routines, that you can use to truly improve your performances, and show something unique in your theater show, bar performance, or even performing just for friends.

1st edition 2010; 100 small pages.
word count: 14043 which is equivalent to 56 standard pages of text

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