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My Best To You: Close-Up & Stand-Up
by Scott F. Guinn

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My Best To You: Close-Up & Stand-Up by Scott F. Guinn

The 3rd and final installment of this series, volume three contains great magic from Scott's early books Great Scott! It's MORE Magic! And Magishing My Way. This is stuff Scott has been making a living with for over a decade! No filler here!

5 close-up routines that don't use cards or coins, 4 routines for parlor/platform, and three routines for kids shows!



  • STICK AROUND - ring & stick
  • JELLIS - Ellis ring
  • RINGS OFF...RINGS ON - keychain rings & string
  • STRUNG OUT - borrowed finger ring & string
  • A TRUNK FULL OF NUTS - 2-in-hand, 1-in-pocket
  • RINGS OFF...RINGS ON...AGAIN! - bigger rings & rope
  • GUINNWARD, HO - an original linking ring move
  • PLUMBERS BOTTLE - Tricky Bottles with a twist
  • THE MAGIC JUMPROPE - great rope routine for kids/families
  • MILLION DOLLAR CHOCOLATE - great take on Miser's Dream
As always, clearly written and profusely photo-illustrated. Full of practical, commercial material, this is a real bargain!

"You've heard it before -- if you find one effect or piece of advice which you can use, it's worth the price of the book. There are TWELVE such effects in Scott's *My Best to Youl #3*, and "Million Dollar Chocolate" is going in my kids' act right now. No, I'm not even going to give the plot away; it's that good and I want it all for myself. BWA-HA-HA-HAH!

Scott's work is always fun, full of energy, and darned playful. If you have any desire to bring a bit of astonishment and some chuckles to your audience, I heartily recommend his ebooks!" - Chet Cox

"I've been privileged to see Scott perform these routines in front of live audiences (as opposed to dead audiences, I guess). How do you follow magic legend Shimada after he's just finished his classic act? That was the dilemma Scott found himself in at a magic convention, and he used his magic jumprope routine, which was a huge success. It's a great routine for kids and family audiences, and the difficulty level is just above zero. The chocolate miser's dream is a great kids show routine that is a must-have if you do kids shows. I've seen him whip a room full of kids into a frenzy with this, and you end with a great give-away that makes you a hero. The water monte is a great stage routine that is mystifying, entertaining, and yet easy to do. If you are looking for penetration effects, such as ring and string and ring and rope, Scott not only has an encyclopedic knowledge of all of the sleights, but has a knack for routining them so that they flow smoothly into a magic routine. Plus, the book is an instant download, so you can get your magic fix at 2 in the morning." - Raymonde Crow

1st edition 2009; 72 pages.
word count: 19139 which is equivalent to 76 standard pages of text