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My Favorite Linking Ring Columns
by Aldo Colombini

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My Favorite Linking Ring Columns by Aldo Colombini

For several years Aldo had a column in the Linking Ring magazine. At the time Phil Willmarth was the editor and he was so kind and open minded enough that he basically let Aldo make fun of everything and everyone.

The columns not only contained some good magic but Aldo was able to include some funny stuff as well. Also, between tricks and gags you will find suggestions on how to improve your presentations with regards to our art of magic.

The structure of the column was an easy one: 1) Some fun and 2) some magic and it worked. Aldo has collected in this e-book many of his favorite columns and he has no hesitation in picking the two he liked the most: 1) The adventure in China and 2) the Dolphin trick in South Africa. They are still two of his best columns and certainly among the funniest.

1st edition 2011; 81 pages.
word count: 34791 which is equivalent to 139 standard pages of text