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Neal Elias

Neal Elias

(1921 - 21st September 2005) was a magician and world-renowned master of Origami. Neal contributed to the Linking Ring and Ibidem magazines.

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Neal Elias
At the Table Tricks by Neal Elias

This quality volume contains 13 must-have card presentations and sleights, plus a no-sleight effect for the close-up entertainer. While not self-working, most rely on just one or two sleights. Easy-to-follow illustrations make the effects easy to understand and master.

Neal Elias was a confidant of Ed Marlo, Lin Searles, and other world class card experts. He also spent time as a demonstrator for George Snyder's magic shop in Cleveland, Ohio. No doubt several of Neal's creations will, after you read this ebook, find a place in your own routine.

Here's what's included:

  • Foreword
  • A Reverse Sleight ...
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