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Jason England's 17 Card Books to Study

Last Update: 01/11/2020 (Replies:0)

In September 2010 Theory 11 released a short video clip where Jason England introduced 17 books on card magic any serious card magician should read. It was titled "An instructional download on the things you can't download" (my emphasis). Well, I respect the talented guys at Theory 11, but they are a bit behind the curve when it comes to downloads, because 10 of the 17 books are available as download ebooks from - and most of them for many years. One book is available as ebook from...

The Thirty-Nine Steps to Mentalism

Last Update: 01/11/2020 (Replies:0)

This is an excerpt from Bob Cassidy's exceptional Fundamentals ebook. Many consider this ebook the best Bob has ever written. It lists Bob's 39 most important magic books to study to achieve mastery in mentalism. The unique feature of this list is that Bob explains for each title why it is in his list. So here we go ...

The Thirty-Nine Steps - A Mentalist's Library of Essential Works

Recent Thread on an Internet Magicians’ Forum –
Question: “What book or books are essential reading for someone just starting...

The Many Uses of The Shuber Blades

Last Update: 01/11/2020 (Replies:0)

The Shuber Blades are a flexible accessory to protect your playing cards. Two stainless steal blades together with a special rubber band secure your cards regardless of if you want to protect one card or more than a regular deck of cards.

You can not only protect your cards, but you can also use the Shuber Blades to build a pocket card press. Take two large paper clips of the kind shown below.

paper clips

Clip one on each short end of the deck enclosed in the Shuber Blades. Then remove the wire handles from...

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