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by Gerard Zitta

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Newspaper'z by Gerard Zitta

This ebook explores for the first time, the principles inherent to probably any newspaper, magazine, or publication, in the world. Everybody reads them, every day, but nobody notices the rules and logic in the innocent sheets they hold in their own hands. These properties are good to know as they allow some pretty neat impromptu or improvised effects, or design your own routines, once you know their 'secrets'.

It is more a piece of knowledge every magician or mentalist should know. Most 'recipes' are simple, and there is no difficult memorization or calculation involved.

All the effects in this ebook can be done with a borrowed newspaper. Most of them are 100% improvised, while other ones are impromptu (with a one-time preparation).

  • The newspaper game - Horoscope
  • The Newspaper force
  • Newspaper roulette
  • The newspaper test (a 'book-test' with newspapers)
  • Newspaper Magic Squares
  • Newspaper ACAAN
  • etc.

1st edition 2015, 40 pages.
word count: 9806 which is equivalent to 39 standard pages of text