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Nick Trost's A Coincidence and Divination Routine
by Aldo Colombini

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Nick Trost's A Coincidence and Divination Routine by Aldo Colombini

Aldo Colombini performs and explains an amazing three phase routine from Nick Trost, which requires only a regular deck. Very easy to perform.


1) The deck is shuffled and divided in half. A spectator reverses a card in one half. Both halves are placed side by side face down. You turn the top card of each half over dealing them above the halves. The dealing continues. All the pairs are different. When the spectator´s card is reached, the card of the same color and value turns up in the other half!

2) The spectator now riffle shuffles the halves together (read that again). You hold the deck out of sight under the table (or in a bag), then with your sensitive fingertips, are able to produce at will, red and black cards, cards of each suit, then cards of certain values!

3) The remaining 26 cards are dealt into two piles of 13 cards each. The spectator takes either pile, leaving the other to you. You openly separate the cards into two piles, the spectator blindly separates his cards, following your lead. Both your cards and the spectator´s are shown. All the cards have somehow been separated into reds and blacks! What a series of stunning effects!

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