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Nido Shift: Magic More Series
by Ken Muller

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Nido Shift: Magic More Series by Ken Muller

A linking rings enhancement module as a substitute for the traditional false count of four rings. (Odin Count)

NIDO = (Neat-Oh) as Odin spelled backwards. A very visual and casual series of actions that verifies that the four rings are separate. It was primarily designed for smaller ring sets, not a 12-inch sized set. Its advantages include:

  • it uses place rather than a take action,
  • it is a transfer of rings to the other hand, not a count,
  • it is done in a horizontal plane rather than vertical,
  • it uses the WebRing subtlety,
  • it does not require weird finger positioning,
  • the sleight occurs on the third beat rather than the second,
  • it can be casually interspersed with gestures and a reprise/preview.

Sequential graphic photos included, plus photos of specific details within the sleight descriptions.

Magic More

This series of eBooks offers individual performance modules and sleight sequences as enhancements for traditional effects or as building blocks for new ones. They are not meant to be performed as a stand-alone demonstration of impossibility or skill. These are extractions from eBooks of the F.U.N. Series without verbal script, development history or supportive logic.

1st edition 2022, PDF 25 pages.
word count: 9146 which is equivalent to 36 standard pages of text

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