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North Bigbee

(USA: fl.1920s - 60s)

Amateur since teens. Newspaperman, playwrite, screenwriter, and free-lance writer for magazines. Aka "North".

Wrote 40 New Mental Mysteries (1962, 76pp; reprinted 1969 as Stage Mentalism, 76pp). Tricks in Sphinx, Eagle Magician, Magic World, New Tops, New Phoenix, New Jinx, and Hugard's Magic Monthly.

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North Bigbee
Stage Mentalism by North Bigbee

Big, visual effects that make mentalism suitable for stage, platform, or club use. No card tricks, nail writers or close up pads. Instead, forty colorful and powerful mental effects in all categories from a Bargain Prediction Chest to ESP.

From the note to the reader by North Bigbee:

For the modern mentalist, here are forty varied presentations. They cover most phases of magic of the mind, include some new effects introducing new methods, other new methods for popular effects, and still other new mysteries from standard techniques.

Almost all are for a one man mental act, making use...

★★★★★ $14.95
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