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Not So Boxed
by Chris Stolz

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Not So Boxed by Chris Stolz

A spectator selects a card and signs it. You put the entire deck in the box to remove all possibility of sleight of hand. The card is inserted into the middle of the pack in the box with its face and signature to the spectators, pushed flush, and the box is closed. You turn the box horizontal and casually turn it over a few times with open fingers to show that both sides are clean and clear. With a wave of your hand, the selected card suddenly appears on top of the card box which is still closed. The box with the card on top are immediately held out on your empty palm for a spectator to take, inspect, and be utterly amazed by. Everything is examined before and after, there are no gimmicks and the cards can be borrowed.

1st edition 2010; 7 pages.
word count: 1378 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text