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October: Haunted Deceptions
by Dee Christopher


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October: Haunted Deceptions by Dee Christopher

Dee Christopher is known for his haunted magic and mentalism; in this ebook he reveals his tricks of the trade...

This is the ultimate Halloween publication to put you above the competition and ensure your act is suitably chilling and mystical. Featuring classic and hard to find Dee Christopher routines, alongside many new presentations and work on haunted effects.

  • You will learn how to make spirit writing burn itself into a pocket notebook - An incredibly spooky effect with an instant reset, making it a perfect walk around performance piece.
  • The classic haunted key effect is brought to new heights as the key even turns itself over in the spectator's hand.
  • A thought of picture mysteriously becomes mutilated.
  • You will learn a confabulation style routine based around horror movies, where the participant is the one starring in the final kill scene.
  • You will learn how to transmit information to a friend or accomplice in complete silence, and even in the dark.
  • You will also learn an incredible piece of organic magic, in which you tell a story about how you got a scar, before healing yourself in front of everyone with no cover. This is one of my most devious creations and one of my most powerful effects.
  • Plus more! (Full contents below)
In this ebook, you will have everything you need to put together a Halloween themed show, very quickly, with minimal effort. Read through the thoughts in this book and everything will become clear, you'll be ready to spook and astound everyone you meet, be it at gigs, parties or after dinner performances.

While some of the work in this ebook is quite profound, none of it will be seen as offensive or intrusive to any member of your audience. (Though I don't really recommend the themes for kids performances.)

Full Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Broken Wings
  • The Subtle Switch Book
  • Legion
  • Intensifying Performances
  • The Magician Who Doth Not Understand
  • The Mentalist Who Crosses Wires
  • The Bizarrist Without A Climax
  • The Professor Of Procedures
  • Urban Shamanism
  • One Miracle A Night (Jon Randall)
  • Thoughts On Ageing Props
  • Effects and Presentations
  • Burnt Oak Proof of life after death.
  • Scar Heal yourself like Wolverine.
  • Silence Harnessing the power.
  • The Devil's Key: A compelling presentation for the haunted key and a method to turn the key in the spectator's hand.
  • Tarot Hallucination: Your impressions are based on the card they thought they saw, when in reality, they just invented it themselves.
  • The Stone Woman: A tale of astral projection, invincibility and power, culminating in a physical manifestation of photos stealing part of one's soul.
  • Kill Scene: A direct and lightly humorous 'confabulation' style routine to lighten the mood, while remaining in theme.
  • The Touch: A two person coding system that will work in the dark, blindfolded, in loud environments or in complete silence.
  • Teeth: A camp-fire style story of the tooth fairy, told with a chop cup, some coins, a weathered note and a lock of hair... And some teeth, if you want to go hardcore.
  • Building The Act: Some final thoughts.

1st edition 2015, 74 pages.
word count: 16717 which is equivalent to 66 standard pages of text

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