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Of Cabbages and Kings
by Kyle P. Merck

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Of Cabbages and Kings by Kyle P. Merck

Twelve practical effects from an award winning performer's professional repertoire.

With 42 pages and twelve effects, this ebook has something for everyone. Whether you perform Close-up, Strolling, Trade Shows or Platform shows, you are bound to find something here that you can use. Everything included is well within the ability of the average performer. Effects using sleight of hand are simple and well known sleights many of which you probably already know. Includes photos, illustrations, and even templates to create these effects yourself.

Hobo Travelers - A no palming version of the classic plot

Area of Influence - You had only one job, don't select the stranger card from the deck.

Card Cleave - Take a stab at this foolproof method. No more destroying your marked decks

Pilloried - A prediction is written, a card is named, they are a match. There will be no way for your audience to backtrack on this method

Burden of Proof and the 313 Prediction Deck - two decks, two predictions, both true.

The Switchless Switch - A clever, DIY utility device with limitless possibilities.

Occam's Razor - A double divination under the fairest of circumstances.

Ultimo Transpo - A simple transposition of two cards well within the reach of even a novice card handler.

4321 - 4 coins vanish one at a time. Not only an effect that can be performed impromptu, it also includes a new slight to the world of coin magic.

The Kennedy Compound - the merging of two great effects by John Kennedy.

Peer Pressure - get your contact information on to a spectators business card. No nail writer needed, their information is gone and yours is printed in its place.

Everything but the Pen - what begins as an experiment in numerology ends with a thought of card being inside a box that's been in view the entire time.

1st edition 2015, 42 pages.
word count: 20084 which is equivalent to 80 standard pages of text