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One Hundred Fifty Parlor Tricks and Games

by Frank Wehman

(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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One Hundred Fifty Parlor Tricks and Games by Frank Wehman

This collection features lots of little tricks, stunts, science experiments and games. It also has an extensive advertisement section in the back.

  • The Disappearing Egg
  • "Ghost Rings": A Pretty Party Trick
  • The Invisible Candle
  • Home-made Ping-Pong
  • Animal Magnetism
  • A Curious Illusion
  • The Dancing Skeleton
  • The Floating Corks
  • Restoring the Cut Thread
  • Invisible Photographs
  • A Laughmaker
  • The Magic Coin Box
  • A Match Trick
  • The Balanced Coin
  • The Disappearing Coin
  • A Peculiar Number
  • To Name all the Cards in the Pack in Succession
  • The Indian Duck Trick
  • The Latest Cigarette Vanish
  • The Balanced Handkerchief
  • An Egg-and-Stick Balance
  • To Balance a Cone of Paper on the Nose
  • The Bottle Conjuror
  • To Name Top Card
  • How to Make a Telephone
  • A Nocturnal Surprise
  • The Watery Knife
  • The Jumping Egg: A Party Trick
  • The Magdeburg Hemispheres
  • The Triple Vanishing Billiard Balls and Glass Table
  • An Artistic Card Effect
  • Telling Fortune with Dominoes
  • The Dice Trick
  • The Running Mouse
  • Chemical Experiments
  • A Siphon Trick
  • Blowing Out a Candle Behind a Bottle
  • The Origin of Dominoes
  • The Magic Glass
  • Trick with a Balanced Coin
  • Ice Made in a Drawing-Room
  • Who Wears the Ring?
  • The Double Meaning
  • Imitation Thunder
  • Pool Table Tricks
  • The Magic Egg
  • An After-Dinner Trick
  • Tricks with a Gas Jet
  • The Paper Rings
  • Card Reading
  • Pyramid of Alum
  • Biting Nails in Two
  • How to Sit Without Chairs
  • To Lift a Man with Five Fingers
  • The Chinese Bat
  • The Three Almonds
  • Egg Production
  • The Captives in the Tower
  • Silken Fetters
  • The Stretched Handkerchief
  • Catching the Pile of Money
  • Coin Trick
  • Engraving an Egg
  • Experiment with Dominoes
  • Breaking Stones with Your Fist
  • Thought Reading
  • Candle Trick
  • Ghastly Appearance
  • A Burning Coal on a Muslin Handkerchief
  • Varieties of Crystals
  • To Pass Steam Through Cardboard
  • Tricks with Coins
  • To Make a Plank Adhere to a Table by Means of a Newspaper
  • To Get a Ring Out of a Handkerchief
  • Easy and Curious Methods of Foretelling Rainy or Fine Weather
  • An Eggshell Boat
  • Magic Inks
  • Magic of Heat
  • A Purple, Green, and Red Liquid from the Same Bottle
  • To Make a Needle Float
  • The Queens Digging for Diamonds
  • To Call the Cards out of the Pack
  • A Thanksgiving Dinner Trick
  • Musical Figures Resulting from Sound
  • The Paper Puppets
  • How to Make Imitation Frost
  • The Fakir's Feast
  • To Cut a Cord with the Hands
  • Christmas Eve Amusement
  • To Bring a Card which has been Thrown Out of the Window into the Pack Again
  • A Lung-Testing Trick
  • The Restored Document
  • Changing, Vanishing, or Producing Envelope
  • A Thanksgiving-Day Game
  • The Floating Ball
  • Bon Bons of Colored Paper Clippings
  • An Infallible Barometer
  • At which Side will the Match Catch Fire?
  • To Name Cards without Seeing Them
  • Christmas Nut and Candy Trick
  • The Unalterable Pellet of Bread
  • The Vanishing Gloves
  • To Make Water Freeze by the Fireside
  • To Pass a Coin Through a Hat into a Tumbler
  • The Mesmerized Cross of the Orient
  • The Burnt Writing Restored
  • To Crack Walnuts in Your Elbow

1st edition 1905, 106 pages; PDF 122 pages.
word count: 44964 which is equivalent to 179 standard pages of text

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