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One Hundred Fifty Parlor Tricks and Games

by Frank Wehman

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One Hundred Fifty Parlor Tricks and Games by Frank Wehman

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This collection features lots of little tricks, stunts, science experiments and games. It also has an extensive advertisement section in the back.

  • The Disappearing Egg
  • "Ghost Rings": A Pretty Party Trick
  • The Invisible Candle
  • Home-made Ping-Pong
  • Animal Magnetism
  • A Curious Illusion
  • The Dancing Skeleton
  • The Floating Corks
  • Restoring the Cut Thread
  • Invisible Photographs
  • A Laughmaker
  • The Magic Coin Box
  • A Match Trick
  • The Balanced Coin
  • The Disappearing Coin
  • A Peculiar Number
  • To Name all the Cards in the Pack in Succession
  • The Indian Duck Trick
  • The Latest Cigarette Vanish
  • The Balanced Handkerchief
  • An Egg-and-Stick Balance
  • To Balance a Cone of Paper on the Nose
  • The Bottle Conjuror
  • To Name Top Card
  • How to Make a Telephone
  • A Nocturnal Surprise
  • The Watery Knife
  • The Jumping Egg: A Party Trick
  • The Magdeburg Hemispheres
  • The Triple Vanishing Billiard Balls and Glass Table
  • An Artistic Card Effect
  • Telling Fortune with Dominoes
  • The Dice Trick
  • The Running Mouse
  • Chemical Experiments
  • A Siphon Trick
  • Blowing Out a Candle Behind a Bottle
  • The Origin of Dominoes
  • The Magic Glass
  • Trick with a Balanced Coin
  • Ice Made in a Drawing-Room
  • Who Wears the Ring?
  • The Double Meaning
  • Imitation Thunder
  • Pool Table Tricks
  • The Magic Egg
  • An After-Dinner Trick
  • Tricks with a Gas Jet
  • The Paper Rings
  • Card Reading
  • Pyramid of Alum
  • Biting Nails in Two
  • How to Sit Without Chairs
  • To Lift a Man with Five Fingers
  • The Chinese Bat
  • The Three Almonds
  • Egg Production
  • The Captives in the Tower
  • Silken Fetters
  • The Stretched Handkerchief
  • Catching the Pile of Money
  • Coin Trick
  • Engraving an Egg
  • Experiment with Dominoes
  • Breaking Stones with Your Fist
  • Thought Reading
  • Candle Trick
  • Ghastly Appearance
  • A Burning Coal on a Muslin Handkerchief
  • Varieties of Crystals
  • To Pass Steam Through Cardboard
  • Tricks with Coins
  • To Make a Plank Adhere to a Table by Means of a Newspaper
  • To Get a Ring Out of a Handkerchief
  • Easy and Curious Methods of Foretelling Rainy or Fine Weather
  • An Eggshell Boat
  • Magic Inks
  • Magic of Heat
  • A Purple, Green, and Red Liquid from the Same Bottle
  • To Make a Needle Float
  • The Queens Digging for Diamonds
  • To Call the Cards out of the Pack
  • A Thanksgiving Dinner Trick
  • Musical Figures Resulting from Sound
  • The Paper Puppets
  • How to Make Imitation Frost
  • The Fakir's Feast
  • To Cut a Cord with the Hands
  • Christmas Eve Amusement
  • To Bring a Card which has been Thrown Out of the Window into the Pack Again
  • A Lung-Testing Trick
  • The Restored Document
  • Changing, Vanishing, or Producing Envelope
  • A Thanksgiving-Day Game
  • The Floating Ball
  • Bon Bons of Colored Paper Clippings
  • An Infallible Barometer
  • At which Side will the Match Catch Fire?
  • To Name Cards without Seeing Them
  • Christmas Nut and Candy Trick
  • The Unalterable Pellet of Bread
  • The Vanishing Gloves
  • To Make Water Freeze by the Fireside
  • To Pass a Coin Through a Hat into a Tumbler
  • The Mesmerized Cross of the Orient
  • The Burnt Writing Restored
  • To Crack Walnuts in Your Elbow

1st edition 1905, 106 pages; PDF 122 pages.
word count: 44964 which is equivalent to 179 standard pages of text

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