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One Red Hot Mother
by David Devlin

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One Red Hot Mother by David Devlin

There is a lot of magic crammed into this routine. Everything from a prediction, the finding of two selected and signed cards, and the transposition of the card's backs.

Here is the effect:

Phase 1: A single red backed card is placed off to one side, but is kept in full view throughout the proceedings. The performer states that there is one red card and one red card only. The spectator then selects any card and signs it (there is no force whatsoever). The card is returned to the center of the deck. The top card is shown, but it is not the signed card. The red backed card is turned over and it proves to be the signed card!

Phase 2: The signed card is left face up, and another card is selected and signed. The second selection clearly has a blue back. This card is returned to the deck (it really is). The original selection with the red back is placed face up on the top of the deck. A snap of the fingers and a wave of the hand, and the original selection's back has changed to blue! With no moves or sleights of any kind, the deck is spread. There is a single red card in the center of the deck. The red card is removed and turned over by the spectator. It is the second selection!

The selections may be given away to the spectators (if you do not mind giving away cards, and no longer having a full deck. Oh, one other point of interest let us assume that the second selection was the king of spades. After its back has changed to red (remember, it clearly had a blue back) the spectator can look through the deck. There is no other king of spades in the entire deck, because there was no switch!

This effect is very easy to do, and will blow them away!

1st edition 2014, 7 pages.
word count: 1882 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text