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Open Prediction
by Tommaso Guglielmi


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Open Prediction by Tommaso Guglielmi
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This is one of Gugliemli's several methods for the open prediction that he is glad to offer all magicians. It should be noted that this effect does not respect all of the conditions set by Stewart James for his “51 Faces North”. This is a good Impromptu solution. It relies on sleight of hand to reach a 100% successful ending, but Tommaso tried to design the method to hide the “dirty work” and he has included 6 different techniques to hopefully meet the needs/styles of everyone. This method will require some practice before the performer can swiftly and confidently present the effect.


The magician begins by placing a face up card (for example the King of Diamonds) onto the table for all to see and claims that it is a prediction. Next the magician introduces a deck of cards, which can be shuffled, and asks the spectator to deal out, one by one, the cards face up onto the table with the deck held face down. The magician then instructs that at any point in the dealing process, the spectator is to stop and deal a card face down onto the pile. Once the rest of the cards are dealt face up on top of the face down card, the King of Diamonds has not been seen yet, and the card dealt face down is shown to match the prediction.

1st edition 2009; 29 pages.
word count: 2400 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text