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Orko Guha

Orko Guha

I am Orko Guha aka Pseudoscientist. I've been practicing sleight of hand since 2007 and entered recently in mentalism. In my ebooks or videos I teach the effect and the psychology of your audience. I create effects that I've used in my shows and they are bulletproof!


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Orko Guha

DeVice by Orko GuhaThis is the DeVice peek. DeVice is an original idea of Orko Guha that he has been working on since 2018. It allows one to reveal anything about your spectator with using just a billet and a pen. This is a completely new peek that is quite easy to perform. This peek has been field tested on both stage and in parlor mentalism performances.

1st edition 2019, 30 pages.

2019 / 11 / 22

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Orko Guha

Decrypted by Orko GuhaImagine having no props at a gig. Still you can amaze your audience with a powerful mentalism piece empty handed. Impromptu and organic mentalism has fascinated several mentalists for years. Here is a variation to a classic effect of unique number divination in mentalism. The magician borrows a bill from a spectator. The magician has his head turned and he folds the bill into quarters and places the folded bill onto the spectator's hand. With no switches and no delay the magician reveals the unique serial number one by one leaving their spectators amazed.

Powerful performance tips included...

2019 / 10 / 14

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