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by Dave Arch

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Overhead by Dave Arch

No doubt you've seen "two person telepathy" party stunts where one person leaves the room while the other remains. After coming back into the room, the person is able to discern an object selected by those in the room to the puzzlement of those watching.

This obscure version has one of the partners leave the room and stay in the other room while the remaining partner holds his/her hand above the heads of several people in the room. Each time s/he holds his/her hand above a head s/he repeats the single word "Overhead." Then finally the partner remaining in the room holds his/her hand over the head of another person and asks the question "Over whose head?" From the other room the partner successfully discerns and calls out the name of the person over whose head the partner's hand is being held.

This can be repeated over and over as each time it's repeated those watching rule out yet another of their theories as to how it works. Following are some theories which quickly get eliminated:

  • No verbal coding between the partners. The same exact phrases are used every time.
  • The chosen one from the group is not always the second, third, or fourth person in the process. The ordering of the people is ultimately under the completely free choice of the partner remaining in the room.
  • No pre-arranged ordering of the people (i.e. First Bob, then Mary, then etc.)
And best of all for the performers there is no memorization required. Dave has enjoyed knowing this secret and using it to puzzle and amuse those attending a party.

1st edition 2018, 1 page.
word count: 358 which is equivalent to 1 standard pages of text