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Paper Magic
by Will Blyth


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Paper Magic by Will Blyth

Tricks and amusements with a sheet of paper.

From the foreword:

Paper is one of the easiest materials to obtain, and to those who are interested in finding a useful means of utilizing some of the household accumulations, the present volume will undoubtedly appeal. It will be noticed that the book has been divided into two parts, and the first portion, dealing with Toys, Models, Puzzles, etc. made entirely from paper, will be found to provide a fascinating and at the same time, inexpensive form of amusement for the younger members of the home circle. The second section deals with some effective conjuring tricks, in which paper is the only or principal article employed.

  • Introductory Note
  • Foreword
  • Part I Paper Folding
    • Soldier's Hat
    • Drill Sword
    • Sailing Boat
    • Army Forage Cap
    • Mechanical Conjuring Trick
    • Breakfast Cruet
    • Twin Rowing Boat
    • Pin Tray
    • Ash Tray
    • Saucepan
    • Kettle
    • Working Bellows
    • Lifeboat
    • Chinese Junk
    • Flying Aeroplane
    • Christmas Star
    • Easter Cross
    • Dart
    • Parachute
    • Flap Purse
    • Puff Ball
    • Windmill
    • Puzzle Box
    • The Flapper
    • Smoke Ring Box
  • Part II Paper Conjuring
    • Introduction
    • Two Blacksmiths
    • Two Little Dicky Birds
    • Four Boy Scouts
    • Paper Bag Cookery
    • Ribbons Of India
    • Magic Purse
    • Ball Of Mahomet
    • Separating The Services
    • An Episode Of Mere Man
    • Moths Of Japan
    • An Orchard Story
    • Bewildering Tissues
    • Paper Tearing Act
    • Spirit Calculator
    • Thought Reading
    • Mind Divination
    • Gains Of The Great War
  • L'envoi

1st edition 1920, 99 pages; PDF 74 pages.
word count: 22588 which is equivalent to 90 standard pages of text

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