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Patrick Davison

Patrick Davison

Pat Davison is a Circus Performer and Vaudeville Artist of almost 50 years' experience. His Comedy Juggling, Comedy Magic and Balancing Acts have brought him around the world entertaining with shows such as The Harlem Globetrotters Halftimes, "The Best of Burlesque" Comedy Revue, "The Statler Brothers Show" on TNN, "Bozo's Circus!" on WGN-TV, and countless circuses, fairs, cruise ships, theaters, etc.

Pat graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Speech and Theater Arts and a major in Broadcasting. Pat is also well-known in the Circus world for his cartooning and custom-designed coloring books and posters for various shows. His interests include Vaudeville, Circuses, Languages and Bible Study. In 1994 Pat traveled to the Philippines to marry Marites Gako, his pen pal for the two preceding years. In 1996 their daughter, Mabelle, joined the act. They currently call south Texas their home base.


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Patrick Davison
Born on the Highwire: The Autobiography of Arthur Duchek by Patrick Davison

Arthur Duchek, born (almost literally on the highwire rigging of his parents' circus act) into a European circus dynasty in 1930, grew up to be a world-famous circus and variety artist and international entertainment agent.

He survived a devastating accident on the circus lot as a 4-year old child, an accident that left him with a speech impediment. His will power and determination, along with the help of an eccentric Parisian speech therapist, helped him overcome this obstacle. After joining his uncles with the circus in America, Arthur experienced unbelievable abuse at their hands.


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