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by Gerard Zitta

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Patterns by Gerard Zitta

The following effects are practical, commercial, use classic techniques or principles with new ideas, and, most importantly, are "connection-makers". They are impromptu, for closeup, strolling, and parlor, and do not take much pocket space. Most are very fast, require nothing else than the provided images, tables, list, etc. sometimes with business cards and a pen.

MASCOT: Your spectator has to find your "mascot" among a list. Very easy, and entertaining. In 30 seconds, you will fool everybody, except 4WD addicts!

MONTH PSYCHO: "Month psycho" is another method to guess a birth month. It uses business cards. You can also divine their Zodiac sign instead of the month. Method 1 uses marked cards. Method 2 is very clever, and ... intuitive. It uses normal business cards. You do not even need to look at them. Method 3 shows how to adapt the method to any audience (kids, corporate, etc.)

MUSIC: Another example:Guess a music style. (Can be easily adapted to other topics!)

THINK OF YOUR LUCKY CARD: Divine a spectator's thought card.

LUCKY CARD PREDICTION: An additional climax: You also predict the card.

THINK OF A CARD: The spectator thinks of a card and changes it to a completely different one. It is the one you predicted. (Based on "YIN YANG" but with a very nice twist).

OVER THE PHONE: A variant you can do ... over the phone.

LUCKY CARD COINCIDENCE: A stranger thinks of a card associated to their birth month. This is the one you predicted.

RATIONAL THOUGHT NUMBER: A nice and easy way to establish a connection with your spectator, and learn a lot about them.

ZODIAC SIGNS COMPATIBILITY: You predict which Zodiac signs are compatible for a complete stranger, without even knowing their birthday or their sign. You can give away your business card.

TATTOO: The spectator has to guess which animal is your favorite tattoo among a long list of DIFFERENT animals (50+, 100, etc.).

THE PHOENIX LOTTERY: You guess a thought lottery number.

1st edition 2016, 70 pages.
word count: 10499 which is equivalent to 41 standard pages of text