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Paul M. Carnazzo

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Altriotto by Paul M. CarnazzoMental Voyage presents Altriotto, the second collection of mentalism effects from the mind of Paul Carnazzo. This is an ebook that includes photographs for one of the effects taught. In Altriotto, you will discover 9 close up mentalism effects:

This Side Up - a never fail heads/tails prediction. A prediction is presented, and then a participant flips a coin 5 times (more or less if you wish). The participant is given the chance to change any of the results until they are happy...of course, the prediction is 100% correct - including whether or not the participant would change any of the...

2016 / 5 / 13
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The Unfolding by Paul M. CarnazzoEffect:

Three photographs are displayed; each is of a different statue of Marcus Aurelius. (The photographs can be any 3, so presentational possibilities are endless) It is explained that Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor, and is also considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers. One of his most famous quotes is displayed:

"Everything is unfolding as it must, and if you observe carefully, you will find this to be so."

The mentalist explains that this philosophy will be put to the test. A man and a woman are asked to help. The woman is asked to choose a photo...any one...a...

2016 / 5 / 13
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Farmacology by Paul M. CarnazzoThree game cards from the (fictitious) board game, "Farmtown" are displayed. Each card is printed with four different items. One has four animals printed on it, one has four colors, and the last has four locations.

The performer explains that the game is a guessing game of sorts, in which one player tries to guess the selection of their opponent. The performer explains that due to his mind reading abilities, he's always had an unfair advantage!

The participant is asked to think of one item on each of the cards. With no questions, fishing, cueing, pumping, guessing, etc., the performer...

2016 / 5 / 8
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Carnage: close-up mentalism by Paul M. CarnazzoA collection of ten close-up mentalism effects many of which are completely impromptu.
"CARNAGE is excellent." - Bob Cassidy

"A GREAT book. Especially loved 'Dementia' but Paul KNEW I would!" - Ben Harris

"Paul just keeps coming out with amazingly good stuff, and this book is no exception." - Joshua Quinn

"Carnage is just a superb collection of workable effects that reflect his wonderfully creative thinking." - Gerry Hennessey

"It's a solid collection of ten routines and ideas." - Jheff

"An incredible offering." - Pablo Amira

Salt - a spectator is able to intuit which coin the mentalist is holding, and...
2012 / 10 / 26
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