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Pete Biro

Pete Biro

(Oakland, California: 1st June 1933 - 26th December 2018)

Photo-journalist in California. Inspired at age 16 by a co-worker. Semi-pro stage and close-up magician since 1949. He performed for several years at The Magic Cellar in San Francisco and was very often seen at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Pet effects: Linking Rings and Card in Balloon. Edited Pete's Leaflets 1973-76. Wrote "The Reel Works" column for Genii c1978-c1990. Wrote lecture notes Son of Greater Magic #1.5 (1975), Pete Biro presents the Indian cups & balls: Thoughts, ideas & routines (1998), The Tomato trick: A long forgotten classic (2000), Pete Biro's Magic: Give a Magician Enough Rope (2009), Pete Biro's Magic - Eggs, Bags & Gags (2009), The Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings (2012).

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Pete Biro
Son of Greater Magic 1.5 by Pete Biro

Original ideas across the spectrum for magicians.

A collection of magical ideas, most of which have been tested on genuine living audiences. Pete Biro has been performing and lecturing, as well as dropping juggling props here and abroad since 1966 - plus a bunch of time in the early 50's. "Most original tricks and ideas" he says, "come from having a creative memory!"

  • Greetings
  • Philosophy Of Magic
  • Simplicity
  • Stealing Material
  • Here 'Tis - The Jumping Cigarette
  • Card Control & No-Palm To Pocket
  • Invisible Hair
  • Severn/Biro Impromptu Rising Cards
  • Inspected By Number 27
  • Sock Purse ...
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