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Pit Hartling

Pit Hartling looks quite innocent but that is actually the first trick. At the age of 17 he already won second place at FISM in Tokio /Japan.

After sufficient studies of literature, philosophy and psychology at Frankfurt University, Pit Hartling finally turned to his vocation full-time and is now one of Germany’s most requested magic-entertainers. He is also member of the celebrated Fertigen Finger, a group of 10 German magicians who have won international accolades.

Through luck and well-targeted bribery, he was able to obtain several national and international awards. Over the last years, bookings led him through all of Europe and the US, as well as to South America, South Africa, Israel, Japan and Australia.

Pit Hartlings luggage consists of little more than ten nimble fingers and an even quicker mind and tongue. What he achieves with those simple tools however, amazes even the most rigorous sceptics: The list of Hartling's corporate clients reads like a veritable who-is-who of modern business.

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Pit Hartling
The Little Green Lecture by Pit Hartling

Pit Hartling's Little Green Lecture describes five of Pit's favorite card effects. Each is clearly and completely described and illustrated. One trick, Chaos is a virtually self-working trick involving two freely selected cards that completely stumped the experts at the FFFF gathering. The effect is extremely funny and the method is so clever that there is nothing you need to hide. You say exactly what you do, actually you describe the method in your patter but nobody will believe you, because actions and words create a hilariously conflicting situation that will have your audience laughing. ...

★★★★ $12
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