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by Marcos Platiquini

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Platimagics by Marcos Platiquini

[Note that this is a translation from Spanish which is not in perfect English. But this should not inhibit your comprehension. There are many photos which support the explanations.]

MY RING AND ROPE ROUTINE: This is a routine with a regular ring and rope (no gimmicks). The ring magically penetrates the rope several times and finally ends up knotted onto the rope.

CARD-CLIP TRANSPOSITION: Magician states he will show a magic trick with a French deck of playing cards and two paper clips, one red and the other black, showing and leaving the paper clips separately. He extends the playing cards face up between his hands and invites the spectator to point out or name any red card. Once the red card is chosen and signed with a felt-tip pen (optional), the red paper clip is put on the red card. Then, magician shows a black ten, putting a black paper clip on it. After some magic gestures spectator will check his card which still has the red paper clip but now it’s the black ten. Then magician turns his card with the black paper clip and it is the signed spectator’s red card. pen.

MINIAMBITIOUS IN THE BOX: Magician shows three cards: two jokers and a three of hearts. Spectator signs the three of hearts and afterwards the magician realizes the classic effect of the ambitious card a few times with only three cards, where the signed card clearly rises to the top position after placing it between both jokers. As a climax, the three of hearts is placed on the spectator's hand and the other two jokers clearly get into the box, placing it over the three of hearts that the spectator supports in his hand. After a magic pass, it is verified that both jokers have moved out of the box and the signed three of hearts is now inside the box, an amazing transposition through the box.

Strong points:

  1. Neither the cards nor the box are gimmicked.
  2. The box is clearly shown on both sides after inserting the jokers.
  3. The jokers can be heard from the inside by rattling the box over the spectator's hand.
  4. The spectator experiences the magic in his hands and can keep the signed card as a souvenir.
COINS FROM HAND TO HAND: Magician clearly shows four coins and places them in his left hand. After clearly showing his right empty hand, the coins magically travel one by one from the left hand to the right hand, finally showing the left empty hand and the four coins in the right hand.

1st edition 2011; 63 pages; photo illustrated
word count: 8739 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text

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