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Pocket Mysteries 1
by Gerard Zitta

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Pocket Mysteries 1 by Gerard Zitta

"Make the Spectator forget something they just signed"

A spectator signs a business card where a few signs/objects/suits/names/etc. are written. This Spectator must memorize their order. The signed business card is given to another Spectator. The Performer suddenly "hypnotizes" the first Spectator (by clapping his hands for instance or whatever). The First Spectator must repeat what he saw on the business card but he will always forget one of the objects! Much fun watching the reactions of the audience and of the "victim"!

"Make the Spectator lose (or win) all the time"

The Performer gives a dice for examination. He borrows 6 beer mats (or business cards, or papers...). On one side of each beer mat he writes a number 1 to 6 and shuffles them. On one of them he writes "ONE PINT" (or "ONE MILLION EUROS" or whatever). He mixes again all the mats and aligns them, number side up, on the table. Nobody knows which beer mat is the winner. One spectator throws the dice and takes the corresponding number without looking on the back of the beer mat. Another Spectator does the same. And so on, until only one beermat is left. This one will be the Magician's one. Each Spectator turns their beer mat over: they are all blank. The Performer's mat is turned over by a Spectator: It is the only one that wins!

"Make the Spectators sit where you want"

Three Spectators select a number 1, 2 or 3. Then, they select a chair after swapping with others as they want. They cannot seat on their initial chair. The prediction reveals their final choice. 100% Hands off.

"An ACAAN ...WITHOUT cards...but WITH a surprise ending!"

The Performer puts a prediction envelope on the table with a deck of cards. He will not touch them again. He takes some bank notes and asks the Spectator to THINK of a SUIT, then a VALUE and finally of a NUMBER between 1 and 52. Each time, the Performer bets some money on the table and tries to guess the spectator's replies. At the end, the Spectator opens the envelope and it contains the card and the number thought by the Spectator! The card is also revealed in a surprising manner with the bills.

"A principle that may be useful to you. It is impromptu"

Some words are written on business cards. The Participant selects a word and keeps it secret. She then spells whether She likes it or not (Se can lie, She can select the words She wants to spell). The Performer finds the word just by listening to her (lovely) voice.

1st edition 2012, 34 pages.
word count: 5858 which is equivalent to 23 standard pages of text