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Practical Conjuring
by James Carl

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Practical Conjuring by James Carl
  • Box, Handkerchief and Colour Change
  • Handkerchief changed to Ribbons
  • The New Magic Knots
  • Wax, Ball and Handkerchief
  • Egg, Glass and Handkerchief
  • Tricks with Cigars
  • New Sleights with Cigars
  • Cigar Vanish and Recovery, No. 1
  • Cigar Vanish and Recovery, No. 2
  • Vanish and Recovery, No. 3
  • To make One Cigar into Two
  • How to Change a Borrowed Watch for a Dummy
  • Hook for Watch and Nest of Boxes
  • The Changing Coins
  • How to produce a Bantam Cockerel from an Opera Hat
  • Twelve Court Cards in Glass change places with Twelve ordinary Cards held in the Hand
  • Carl's Cup and Saucer for Confetti
  • New Changing Table
  • A Simple Table to load a Drum
  • A Table to load a Cannon Ball, and to Vanish a Rabbit
  • Goldin's Levitation of a Rabbit
  • Glass of Water through the Hat
  • The Man in the Moon, or a Photograph of Yourself
  • How to produce a Cannon Ball 5 1/2 in. deep, when the Servante is only 3 1/2 in. deep
  • Funny Pierrott Hat and Egg Trick

1st edition 1911, 1st digital edition 2013, 23 pages.
word count: 7388 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text