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Presidential Optical Opener
by David Devlin


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Presidential Optical Opener by David Devlin

When David released The Optical Opener he had no idea that it would be so wildly popular. It is an effect that David has used for quite a long time, but it is not his first application for the Thatcher Illusion. David released the effect as he did because it is a great opening effect for any show. But that is kind of the issue. It is for a show. It is not something that can be apparently done impromptu (unless, of course, you put the images on your electronic device).

This is the original application that David came up with for this great optical illusion: The magician removes a Dollar bill from his wallet. He tells the spectators about a trick he was shown as a child where the magician took a dollar and showed that the President’s head was right-side up. Then he folded it, and though he never turned the bill over, when he unfolded the bill, the President was upside down. The performer tells the audience that he has never been able to make the trick work, and he will now show them why.

The bill is folded in half along its width twice. A snap of the fingers and the bill is snapped open. Although the orientation bill was never turned over, the bill is now upside down! It would seem that the performer has been successful with the trick, but the audience is assured that is not the case.

The problem that the performer always runs into is that when he does the trick, the bill not only turns upside down, but the ink on the bill shifts. The bill is now slowly turned over and the president’s face is totally distorted. Not only that but most, if not all, of the printing is reversed into a mirror image.

The bill is folded again. A snap of the fingers and the bill is snapped open once again. The bill has been restored to its proper state.

You get:

  • Printable Gaffs for every current USD denomination
  • Printable Gaffs for a UK 20£ and a Canadian 10
  • Printable jumbo versions of all the bills for stage presentations
As a special bonus you also will get David’s signature routine, “The Permanent Prediction”. This is an impromptu mentalism routine that puts jaws on the floor. While this is an effect everyone can perform, very few people will ever perform this effect exactly as David does it. This is because the prediction is permanent. However, it can be performed with standard props. With this effect you get a printable graphic for the prediction.

1st edition 2018, 12 pages.