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Prophetical, Educational and Playing Cards
by John King van Rensselaer


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Prophetical, Educational and Playing Cards by John King van Rensselaer

This work explores the history, meaning, and uses of playing cards.

From the foreword:

If an apology is needed for writing again on the subject of playing cards, the excuse may be offered that new lights have been turned on the subject, so that there is fresh information to lay before the public, derived from a close and exhaustive study of the European libraries and museums, as well as of the pictures on the Playing Cards themselves or prints found in those repositories, and also in the collection owned by the writer; for these speak their histories to those who regard their symbols with appreciative knowledge since they had an immense significance when originally adopted.

  • Foreword
  • Chapter I Prophetical And Other Cards
  • Chapter II. The Tarot Pack Of Cards
  • Chapter III Mercury
  • Chapter IV Thoth
  • Chapter V Nebo, Or Nabu
  • Chapter VI The Atouts Of The Tarots
    • I. Le Bagatleur (Il Bagattel)
    • II. La Papessa (The Female Pope)
    • III. L'imperatrice (The Empress)
    • IV. L'imperatore (The Emperor)
    • V. Il Papa (The Pope)
    • VI. Gli Amanti (The Lovers)
    • VII. Il Carro (The Chariot)
    • VIII. La Giustizia (Justice)
    • IX. L'eremita (The Hermit)
    • X. Ruoto Della Fortuna (The Wheel Of Fortune)
    • XI. La Forza (Strength)
    • XII. L'appeso (The Hanged Man)
    • XIII. La Morte (Death)
    • XIV. La Temperan (Temperance)
    • XV. Il Diavolo (The Devil)
    • XVI. La Torre (The Tower)
    • XVII. Le Stelle (The Stars)
    • XVIII. La Luna (The Moon)
    • XIX. Il Sole (The Sun)
    • XX. Il Giudizio (The Judgment)
    • XXI. Il Mondo (The World)
    • XXII. Il Matto (The Fool)
  • Chapter VII The Pips Of The Tarot Pack
  • Chapter VIII Some Old Italian Tarots
  • Chapter IX Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, And Clubs
  • Chapter X Court And Point Cards With French Pips
  • Chapter XI Point Cards With French Pips
  • Chapter XII "According To Hoyle"
  • Chapter XIII Engraved Card
  • Chapter XIV Playing Cards For Educational And Other Purposes
  • Chapter XV European Playing Cards
  • Chapter XVI Asiatic Playing Cards
  • Chapter XVII Chess And Other Games
  • Chapter XVIII Fortune-Telling Through The Cards
  • Chapter XIX Reading The Book Of Thoth
1st edition 1912, 392 pages; PDF 141 pages.
word count: 70691 which is equivalent to 282 standard pages of text

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