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Psychic Word Revelation
by Ronald Levy & Devin Knight

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Psychic Word Revelation by Ronald Levy & Devin Knight

A deck of 52 Alphabet cards is shuffled and handed to a participant to cut as many times as he wishes. The performer turns his back so he cannot see the cards or participant. The participant deals himself the top three alphabet cards face up and tries to make a three-letter word out of them. If those three cards cannot form a word, the participant is to discard those and deal himself another three cards. He is to try to form a word from the second group of three letters. The participant continues in this way, dealing himself three alphabet letters one at a time. When the participant deals a hand of three alphabet cards that can form a word, he is to intently concentrate on that word.

The performer, while his back is still turned, closes his eyes to look into his imagination. He describes the image he sees in his mind, which is in fact, an image associated with the very word that the spectator is thinking of! The participant reveals his three-letter word and it is a major part of the image the performer saw in his mind. For example, if the spectator is thinking of the word, CAR. The performer says he sees an image of a man driving a red Mustang. This is a direct hit and an image associated with the thought of word.

The fishing and pumping for first letters, last letters and middle letters as in the original Annemann effect has been eliminated. The performer will always hit the word. The participant then shows his three cards and the formed word to the audience. This proves that the performer through his telepathic power was able to see into the mind of the spectator.

This can be repeated in the future, with a different word and an entirely different image.

  • 100% infallible
  • No fishing or pumping for letters
  • Nothing written down ever
  • No skill required
  • No gimmicks or secret peeks
  • Requires two alphabet decks
Your spectators have probably never seen the original Annemann effect performed. This will be a new mentalism effect to your spectators.

You will need to get some Alphabet cards from a magic dealer, otherwise nothing else to buy, except this secret.

1st edition 2016, 17 pages.
word count: 3396 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text