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Quadruple Prediction
by Emory Burton & Devin Knight

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Quadruple Prediction by Emory Burton & Devin Knight
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An amazing mental effect where the magician correctly predicts cards and colors despite odds of over 16,000 to 1 against it. A real stunner you can close a show with. A prediction so impossible that the odds are over 16,000 to 1 against it being correctly predicted.

EFFECT: You give a small sealed envelope to a spectator, saying he can open it at the appropriate time. You then take a deck of cards and shuffle them face up so the spectator can see the cards are really being mixed. You then have a spectator cut the cards twice. Now you show a rectangular piece of cardboard, which stands facing the audience. The front is divided into four sections, with a color on each section: red, green, blue, and yellow. You then deal off the top four cards from the deck at the exact point to spectator cut, without looking at them, and affix each card with a paperclip to each of the colors, backs to the audience. You then have the spectator select two of the colors at random.

You then reveal the cards on each of the colors (for this example, let's assume the King of Hearts is on the color red and the Four of Spades is on the color green). You may show the other two cards on the other two colors as indifferent cards. When you ask the spectator to open his envelope and read what is inside, he finds a red sheet of paper has written on it; King of hearts and also a green paper that has the four of spades written on it.

Amazingly, the two papers have the same cards written on them that are clipped to those colors randomly chosen by the spectator and clipped to the color chart. A quadruple prediction. No special deck needed. No long or short cards. No roughing fluid. No Switches.

This uses a unique method you haven't seen before. Comes with the color chart you need for this effect included in the PDF. Print it out along with the color slips in the PDF and you are set to perform this novel mystery.

1st edition 2018, 12 pages.
word count: 2525 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text