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Quick Change: rapid costume changes for men
by Lex Schoppi


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Quick Change: rapid costume changes for men by Lex Schoppi

Quick Change - rapid costume changes for men is the most reviewed book about costume changes on the market. Three print editions are now sold out. A decade ago we don't thinking about a next print edition. Instead, we offer it to you as a modern ebook.

Never before has there been such an extensive treatise on the subject.

  • 15 SECRETS
  • 112 PAGES
  • SEVERAL HUNDRED combination possibilities for Quick Change methods
The German book Quickchange (published in 2003) was the most comprehensive publication at that time and contained on 80 pages 5 different tried and tested methods of fastenings – methods for holding the materials closed, and ways to open them, the so-called "tear-away" seams. Well known Russian quick change artists termed one of the 5 methods of fastening as a "revolution". For example: If you use press studs and Velcro, you have two methods of fastening.

In the new English ebook Quick Change 15 different methods of fastening are described, the so-called "Top Secret High Tech" hardcores. There are: the hook and eye fastener the standard press studs/poppers fastener, the double press stud/poppers fastener, the hook and loop fastener, the magnet fastener, the simplest pull fastener, the pull with eyelets fastener, the tunnel pull fastener, the double pull fastener, the fish bone pull fastener, the crochet fastener, the tunnel crochet fastener, the incredible speed spring seam, the elastic speed thread and finally the "non plus ultra": the prepared zipper.

The reader is trained in 22 sequences to accomplish costume changes. The combination of individual sequences results in very fast complete costume changes. In theory there are several hundred combination possibilities for Quick Change methods. Finally a multiple costume change with six costumes from preparation and through the handling is presented with a series of 48 photos.

In addition this comprehensive ebook contains effects which employ different methods which can be used by magicians performing all genres of magic, even close-up: the Color Changing Tie, the Multiple Color Changing Bow Tie, the Color Changing Shirt, the Color Changing Sleeve and the Appearing Color Changing Dress Scarf. Never before has there been such an extensive treatise on the subject.

"...the best book I ever ever purchased... strongly recommended" - SECRETS magazine of the Young Magicians Club (UK)

"QUICK CHANGE is a book that's truly meant to be used and studied. It's a reference work for anyone looking to add costume changes to their act on any scale. Recommended." - Magic magazine

"This is the first attempt at a comprehensive study of Quick Change techniques for men's costumes and with little else available at the current time the authors have provided a starting point for anyone looking to add a Quick Change or costume change to their act." - magicseen

" absolute must have!" - Magie (German magazine)

"An important book filled with unique information on many costume effects. Quick Change is an essential textbook for every stage magician, and I highly recommend it." - Jim Steinmeyer, illusion designer

"Your book is THE reference to "Quick Change"...No other one of this quality exists...really, all my congratulations for this beautiful work." - Valerie Mageux, Quick Change artist

"I have always been fascinated with the art of costume change. This is a very comprehensive exploration on the subject. The incredible genius performances of Arturo Brachetti has shown us all what heights can be reached, how inspiring and magical the art form can be. Any serious student will want this book." - Kevin James

"This book fills a gap in the knowledge of the magic art. Certainly THE book to answer all your quick change questions and a great collector's piece." - Peter Marvey

"Finally I can understand the details of the German book! I think you have done a good job... the theories and techniques are clear through your writing. I could understand everything, and as a teaching tool, you have done a great job. After all, this is not a book of English literature, it is a magic teaching book! So good job, and I am excited to see the final product." - Danny Cole

"The magic world has needed a good, clear, authoritative work on quick change for far too long. This is an excellent first book for anyone exploring a fascinating and neglected area of magic. Creative magicians will find real inspiration here. Warmly recommended." - Geoffrey Durham

"I found it to have a lot of great information and it was easy to understand. You did a great job of producing a well needed book. Congratulations on a great contribution to the art of Quick Change!" - Tony Clark

"Its an excellent and valuable source of info on this subject. I am sure anyone getting into quick change or even seasoned pro's will discover a few gems here. Well done...excellent." - Mark Parker, illusion designer

"The most important part of the book is of course the methods of fastening. In this part of the book, the author has done a very clever thing - consulting many people and many resources of what has been already published on this issue for their own methods. Believe me, I was surprised how many different methods there are. The simplicity of some of them and the complexity of the others is amazing." - G. Kaurin "Diamond", quick change artist

" I have read the book from cover to cover many times, it is my new magic bible. Thank you so much for this book. You have created a master piece." - Matt McCoy

1st edition 2013, 112 pages.
word count: 34063 which is equivalent to 136 standard pages of text

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